Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Just Meditation Quotes

Untrained warriors are soon killed on the battlefield; so also persons untrained in the art of preserving their inner peace are quickly riddled by the bullets of worry and restlessness in active life. – Paramahansa Yogananda
This withdrawal from the day’s turmoil into creative silence is not a luxury, a fad, or a futility. It dissolves mental tensions and heals negative emotions. – Paul Brunton
Whenever you try to dictate the outcome of your meditation you negate its most wondrous benefit – the pleasure of simply being. – Paul Wilson
We spend a great deal of time telling God what we think should be done, and not enough time waiting in the stillness for God to tell us what to do. – Peace Pilgrim
It’s helpful to remind yourself that meditation is about opening and relaxing with whatever arises, without picking and choosing. – Pema Chödrön
Loving-kindness towards ourselves doesn’t mean getting rid of anything. It means we can still be crazy after all these years. We can still be angry after all these years. We can still be timid, jealous or full of feelings of unworthiness. The point is not to try to throw ourselves away and become something better. It’s about befriending who we are already. – Pema Chödrön
What’s encouraging about meditation is that even if we shut down, we can no longer shut down in ignorance. We see very clearly that we’re closing off. That in itself begins to illuminate the darkness of ignorance. – Pema Chödrön
Some people think that meditation takes time away from physical accomplishment. Taken to extremes, of course, that’s true. Most people, however, find that meditation creates more time than it takes. – Peter McWilliams
It’s like being in love, but instead of this love directed at someone or something, it’s directed at everyone and everything. – Preston Lindsay
If we read the stories of the great spiritual teachers of the past, we find that they have attained spiritual realization through a great deal of meditation, solitude and practice. They did not take any shortcuts. – Rajiv Mehrontra
You get peace of mind not by thinking about it or imagining it, but by quietening and relaxing the restless mind. – Remez Sasson
Your mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master and not its slave. – Remez Sasson
Meditation is such a more substantial reality than what we normally take to be reality. – Richard Gere
A most useful approach to meditation practice is to consider it the most important activity of each day. Schedule it as you would an extremely important appointment, and unfailingly keep your appointment. – Roy Eugene Davis
Keep your heart clear and transparent and you will never be bound. A single disturbed thought creates ten thousand distractions. – Ryokan
Learn to enjoy the way as much as you would enjoy when you reach the destination. – Sakshi Chetana
We must experience the Truth in a direct, practical and real way. This is only possible in the stillness and silence of the mind; and this is achieved by means of meditation. – Samael Aun Weor
It is sometimes said that the first stages of the meditation process are the most difficult. The first distraction is the physical body. Sometimes there is real pain in sitting, and sometimes the ego just tries to distract us by creating itches we will want to scratch. – Sarasvati Buhrman
Meditation is a microcosm, a model, a mirror. The skills we practice when we sit are transferable to the rest of our lives. – Sharon Salzberg
Meditation is the ultimate mobile device; you can use it anywhere, anytime, unobtrusively. – Sharon Salzberg
Mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it. – Sharon Salzberg
The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed. – Swami Vivekananda
When an idea exclusively occupies the mind, it is transformed into an actual physical or mental state. – Swami Vivekananda
Comfort is no test of truth. Truth is often far from being comfortable. – Swami Vivekananda
Do one thing at a time, and while doing it put your whole soul into it to the exclusion of all else. – Swami Vivekananda
The whole life is a succession of dreams. My ambition is to be a conscious dreamer, that is all. – Swami Vivekananda
Believe in yourself and the world will be at your feet. – Swami Vivekananda
There is no limit to the power of the human mind. The more concentrated it is, the more power is brought to bear on one point. – Swami Vivekananda
All knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind; the infinite library of the universe is in our own mind. – Swami Vivekananda
A few conscious-hearted, sincere, and energetic men and women can do more in a year than a mob in a century. – Swami Vivekananda
Stand in that reverent attitude to the whole universe, and then will come perfect non attachment. – Swami Vivekananda
The ideal person is he who, in the midst of the greatest silence and solitude, finds the intensest activity, and in the midst of the intensest activity finds the silence and solitude of the desert. – Swami Vivekananda
It is our own mental attitude which makes the world what it is for us. Our thoughts make things beautiful, our thoughts make things ugly. The whole world is in our own minds. Learn to see things in the proper light. – Swami Vivekananda
Whenever we attain a higher vision, the lower vision disappears of itself. – Swami Vivekananda
The world is ready to give up its secrets if we only know how to knock, how to give it the necessary blow. The strength and force of the blow come through concentration. – Swami Vivekananda
Spirituality as a science, as a study, is the greatest and healthiest exercise that the human mind can have. – Swami Vivekananda
Hold to the idea, “I am not the mind, I see that I am thinking, I am watching my mind act,” and each day the identification of yourself with thoughts and feelings will grow less, until at last you can entirely separate yourself from the mind and actually know it to be apart from yourself. – Swami Vivekananda